Our Work

Industry: International Management Consulting

Dalberg is a collection of impact-driven businesses seeking to champion inclusive and sustainable growth around the world. GDI pushes beyond traditional consulting and bureaucratic incubation. They take a hands-on approach and partner with innovators to address urgent global problems.

The client asked us to create a small icon rich booklet from statistics in the recently published “Small Merchants, Big Opportunity” report.  We achieved the goal in a fun, engaging, and digestible way.  The bright colors set off clear language and images that a lay person would easily grasp.

Industry: International Management Consulting

Dalberg is a collection of impact-driven businesses seeking to champion inclusive and sustainable growth around the world. GDI pushes beyond traditional consulting and bureaucratic incubation. They take a hands-on approach and partner with innovators to address urgent global problems.

The “Small Merchants, Big Opportunity” report addresses the need to expand digital payments for micro and small merchants – the  technology is a stepping stone to broader financial inclusion.  There was a wealth of copy and information to be communicated, and we accomplished this by establishing a hierarchy of text, including rich photography, charts and icon design.  The report offered an compelling mix of hard facts and personal stories.


Industry: Semiconductors

Resonant is creating innovative filter designs for RF front-ends for the mobile device industry. With the explosion in the number of frequency bands, the filter has become the fastest-growing component in the RF front-end.

Vī-bē Digital has partnered with Resonant on a series of White Papers.  The first is “RF Innovation and the Transition to 5G Wireless Technology”.  The second is “Radically Reducing the Cost and Size of Cellphone RF Filters to Fuel the Mobile Revolution”.  Working closely with the VP of Marketing, Vī-bē created logical technical information hierarchies and adhered to the company’s new brand styles. The report effectively balances a wealth of  copy in a comfortable amount of white space. Our multiple design concept options experimented with engaging typographic design elements and attractive cover montages.

Industry: Sustainable Development

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For more than 20 years, Natural Capital Partners has specialized in working with companies to achieve ambitious climate action targets. They offer solutions of the highest quality which make an immediate impact, drive the global transformation to a net zero economy while supporting good health and livelihoods for all and a thriving planet.

Working closely with Natural Capital Partners’ Marketing Team, we successfully delivered on:

  • Brand positioning
  • Strategy and design
  • Custom infographics
  • Photography curation

Industry: Philanthropic Investment

Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm that invests in entrepreneurs and their visionary ideas to create opportunities for people to improve their own lives, their communities, and the world around them.

To better understand the state of entrepreneurship in Africa, Omidyar Network (in partnership with the Monitor Group) launched the Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Africa Initiative in 2012.  Vī-bē Digital was enlisted to create an report design that would outline the opportunities and challenges for Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A primary challenge was to interpret a lot of detail, create a hierarchy and manage it effectively. We solved the challenge by utilizing color, prominent main headings, attractive charts, graphs and tables and bold callouts with different levels of information  We came back with great photography, and determined to go with the illustrative abstract cover & community to communicate positivity, forward thinking and hope.  After presenting a number of cover concepts, the client gravitated toward a bright sunburst pattern of dots that faded into the background, and defined a map of Africa.


Industry: Venture Capital

Sapphire Ventures is focused on helping today’s most innovative technology companies become global category-defining leaders. Leveraging nearly two decades of experience and an extensive global enterprise network, the firm  invests capital, resources and expertise to enable its portfolio companies to scale rapidly.

Vī-bē Digital partnered with Sapphire Ventures on their inaugural CEO Summit in Palo Alto, CA.  It was the first time that the executives from its global portfolio were gathering together in one place.  The purpose of the summit was designed to facilitate the exchange of insights and best practices and bridge valuable new connections.  Vī-bē created an impactful full-color brochure that utilized a new color palette, impactful email communications and on-site conference signage.  The brochure implemented vibrant colors, interesting geometric shapes, playful iconography and mapping to support the hierarchy of information.  The design created a bright and immmediate presentation that stood out and attracted attention.

Industry: Legal Information Technology & Services

H5’s mission is to support counsel in addressing the myriad challenges of electronic information by providing high-quality eDiscovery and advanced search, review and data analytics as a service.

A long-time partner, H5’s brand exercise touches multiple media.  Our contributions have included a refresh of the firm’s logo and branding, sponsorship ads, collateral brochures, trade show booths and creatives for elevator displays.

Industry: Construction

BBI’s forty years of experience has honed their expertise in commercial and multi-family residential construction.

BBI had recently promoted two new partners in the firm – and asked Vībē to create a fun and impactful announcement for their audiences.  Our solution was to design a mailer with small building icons in patterns that expanded out.  The design evoked  the breadth of tools and building blocks of construction. And the number of ways that BBI successfully gets their projects done – with purpose.  Over the years, Vī-bē has partnered with BBI on a wide variety of projects – including landing pages, display ads and animated holiday cards.

Industry: Non-Profit

ISEEED ( Institute For Sustainable Economic Educational and Environmental Design) is a national research, education, and technology institute working to ensure racial justice, equitable development, and just sustainability for all. The non-profit ensures that communities have a voice in the decisions that impact their daily lives through organizing, leadership development, game-changing technologies, cultural and community pedagogies, creative place-making, and creating new models of direct democracy.

Vī-bē Digital partnered with ISEEED to create an impactful and informative annual report. The report speaks to the high level of personal involvement and dedication of its participants in the community programs.   Based upon our research of the organization and its audiences, we moved through a series of strong visual concepts.  The Report clarified ISEEED’s distinctive brand positioning and attributes which emphasize empowerment and innovation.  The judicious use of photography depicts the volunteers and participants in action at the various funded programs.